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We offer a wide range of services to assist healthcare companies navigate the complex emerging market landscape. We understand the legal and regulatory environments of both mature and developing markets, political and economic risks, cultural differences and competition, along with market and industry trends, that enables us to provide tailored solutions to help you grow your business.

Sales & Operations Services

ExpertsMed help our clients and partners focus on core competencies, reduce overhead costs, and accelerate growth. We manage every aspect of sales, from lead generation to identifying growth opportunities. We bring a wealth of specialized sales expertise and industry insight to a company. We can analyze and enhance your sales strategy, implement effective management.

Strategic & Financial Management

ExpertsMed provides strategic financial management, which goes beyond mere number crunching. We help shape and guide our clients and partners financial strategy, in alignment with their overall vision and goals. This involves understanding market dynamics, competitive positioning, and long-term objectives. We also provide advice on financial analysis and reporting, cashflow management and optimization, budgeting and forecasting, and helping to enhance profitability.

Technical Services

ExpertsMed provides a variety of technical services, including: fleet management ; spare parts; technical service support ; and service management. These services ensure your medical equipment operates at the highest level of safety, reliability , and cost effectiveness.

Distributors Network Management

ExpertsMed business development team plans and executes 360-degree distributor management processes to achieve clients’ objectives, including hiring and human resources, annual & quarterly budget development and tracking, forecasting, and orders operation. In addition, the ExpertsMed team works with distributors and suppliers/manufacturers to manage every aspect of distribution from warehouse to point-of-sale, including inventory, warehousing, supply chain, and logistics.

Regulatory Affairs

At ExpertsMed, our team knows how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of all the markets we serve. We have in-depth knowledge of global regulations, and can help with getting your products to market with efficiency and ease.

Medical Affairs/Market Access

ExpertsMed provides solutions for product commercialization in emerging markets that enable greater chances of successful formulary inclusion, key opinion leader (KOL) support, and interaction with key stakeholders. We can provide comprehensive and holistic health economic market access & reimbursement solution.


ExpertsMed provides strategic marketing and communications services designed to attract patients, healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders and keep them engaged with services and products. We integrate multi-channel, highly-targeted, and specific online/offline collateral to drive growth, engagement, and return-on-investment.

Ethics, Compliance & Legal

Ethics, Compliance & Legal For companies seeking to expand into emerging markets, there are often significant concerns about rule of law, corruption, lack of or confusing regulation, and underdeveloped institutional frameworks. The ExpertsMed team are drawn from multinational corporations, and are strongly schooled in and committed to effective corporate governance, adherence to the law, and a high standard of ethics and compliance that ensures companies are protected by mitigating/reducing risk and improving compliance in emerging markets.

Commercial Training, Clinical Education, & Organisational Development

Commercial Training, Clinical Education, & Organisational Development ExpertsMed offers commercial training, clinical education and organizational development for healthcare professionals. Among the services offered are:
Commercial Training Programs, Health Care Professionals Continuing Clinical Education, Talent Acquisition and Development Processes and Tools, Team Development, Leadership and Management Coaching & Commercial Excellence