Choosing the right emerging market and region for growing your business requires careful analysis of the market size, growth potential, competitive intensity, entry barriers, profitability prospects, and risk exposure. Here are some of the emerging markets and regions that offer the most potential for international business growth

Challenging markets

Developing markets

Stable markets

Regionwide Expertise

Middle East

The Middle East is a dynamic region, with a strategic geographical position, favorable investment policies, and a strategic geographic position. With Gulf countries experiencing rapid growth, economic diversification, attractive business incentives, skilled workforces, free zones, very low taxes, and a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, the Middle East is an ideal location for businesses seeking to grow in emerging markets.


Africa is the second-largest and second-most-populous continent in the world. It has several emerging markets that are attractive for international business, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Ghana. These countries have high growth rates, diverse consumer segments, improved physical and digital infrastructure, and innovation potential.


Ranging from developed to emerging economies, Europe holds growth potential in targeted sectors, including biotech companies, healthcare equipment makers, life science tools and service providers.

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific’s medical market is expected to reach USD 138 billion in spending by 2027, and healthcare expenditure is expected to continue to outpace GDP growth. Countries that are particularly attractive to medical and pharmaceutical companies include China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. India’s biologics and genomics industries are growing, and in China, government support, as well as private investment, has fueled growth in biotech and medical device investment. Tensions between the West and China are broadening opportunities for growth in other areas of Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, as global healthcare companies diversify and protect their supply chains.

Therapeutic Areas